Indians in saudi arabia

Indian expatriates in Saudi Arabia

Indians in Saudi Arabia are the largest community of expatriates in Saudi Arabia. India and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement to manage and organize the recruitment of domestic workers in January Between then and April, Indians moved to Saudi Arabia for employment. As ofthere are an estimated 3 million Indian citizens residing in Saudi Arabia. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core. Jump to: navigationsearch.

Indians in Saudi Arabia Total population 3 million [1] [2]est. Arab News. Retrieved 28 April Retrieved Immigration to Saudi Arabia. Kafala system Human trafficking Demographics. Demographics of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia: Why Indian workers are feeling trapped? (BBC Hindi)

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Privacy policy About Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core Disclaimers Mobile view. RiyadhJeddahDammamJubailJizan. MalayalamHindiEnglishothers.They were visiting the country on a temporary visa through a company named Expertise Contracting Co Ltd, an Indo-Saudi joint venture engaged in plant maintenance and turnaround business in oil, gas and petrochemical field in Saudi Arabia.

The company had employed over 8, workers from different corners of the world and the majority of them being from India. The nature of the business was such that they hired workers on short term visiting visas and demobilize them by April as the business grows dull after summer sets in April. Representational image. The disruption of flights caused due to the global outbreak of COVID has made it difficult for Saudi Arabia to demobilize workers who are on visiting visa.

The Indian workers are now expecting to visit India on emergency grounds such as medical assistance for protracted illnesses like diabetes and hypertension, and to attend ailing parents. The company has sought permission of the Saudi government to send Indian workers in a chartered flight, which the government has approved. The company has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, chief minister of Karnataka B S Yediyurappa, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to seek the permission of Indian government to land the chartered flight carrying these workers.

The company is currently waiting for consent from the Indian government.

indians in saudi arabia

The company is also ready to undertake all the necessary preventive measures required for allowing the stranded Indian workers to return. This would involve conducting COVID tests of the workers and furnishing negative report certificates. However, the certificate is generated not earlier than 48 hours before the date of boarding.

Lockdown hits Indian expats in Saudi Arabia hard. Will govt of India pay heed to their woes?

The company also agreed to take steps to quarantine these workers in India as per Indian government norms in areas that shall be identified beforehand.

The Saudi company also agreed to bear the necessary expenses. Many people are commenting just out their habitual comments in this forum. Reality is these workers are stranded because of the total shut down and not due to loss of their jobs who are bound to return once their contracts are over.

Many of them have done such trips earlier, and God willing will also do in the future to the same country on similar terms as time permits. Even countries like USA have a guest workers Visa program that allows many South American farm hands to work in vineyards, farms etc.

The fact is the Indian side is not working on returning NRIs who are facing uncertainty, loss of income, no unemployment or retirement benefits in the host countries, especially from GCC at this juncture. Dear Evans and Manu, I am just reading your comments on the workers stranded here.

I am working here, Yanbu the second industrial belt of Saudi. For your information, these people are came on temporary contracts to complete the shutdown. As said in the article, the sponsor company is ready to bear all the expenses.

There are several such companies here in KSA and people earn good amount of money in trips in a year. Please do not make unnessary comments, without knowing ground reality. Some people were making fun of opposition yesterday when requesting government bring back the stranded Indians form abroad. It is a sad state of affairs that these workers who were hired by an oil firm in Saudi Arabia are stranded are waiting to return to India due to non availability of work.

The company who hired them are responsible for their return journey. It is not the responsible of the Indian government to bare their expenses for their return to India.

There are so many such people who are sailing in the same boat. God only should help them as they have families to take care. The Supreme Court of India on delivered the verdict pushing the overseas workers under the bus saying 'Stay where you are'.The Kingdom is revered as the land of the two holy mosques and the direction to which Muslims all over the world, turn towards in prayer, every day.

In fact, Saudi Arabia exports revenue is 2. Thanks to this vibrant economy, the population will continue to grow with the influx of expatriates from all over the world. Inthe population of Saudi Arabia stands at That translates to a growth rate of 1.

We have seen varying figures in several sources while researching data on the population of Saudi Arabia. Each of these sources has employed their own methodologies and data calculation systems to arrive at the population count.

We have decided to adopt the information provided by the World Bank as their figures match the data published by official websites. The population of Saudi Arabia in is estimated to be at The last census in Saudi Arabia was conducted in and the population of the country then was measured to be The next census is expected to be in the year The current population was estimated by considering the population growth rates in major cities as well as other factors influencing population, like birth, immigration and mortality rates.

While there was an almost equal number of men and women in the country inthe gender ratio is now men per females. The country now has Most of the country? Men outnumber women in the age group 25 to Saudi women now play a much more active role in society.

The country has given women voting rights and they are being encouraged to play a more inclusive role in society. More and more women are joining the workforce as the government looks to diversify the economy.

Women are now allowed to possess and drive cars in the country as per a royal decree issued in June With the discovery of the two largest oil fields ever discovered in the world, Saudi Arabia has gone through a massive population boom. The country is a large market for employment in foam, insulation and plastics, as well as chemicals that go into adhesives, coatings and cosmetics. The population boom has been particularly evident in the last decade with the population increasing by nearly 2 million between and as well as between and From just Making business in Riyadh was easy.

But meeting true friends is hard. I found them on InterNations, where the global minds meet. Would you like to get in touch with other Indians in Saudi Arabia?

indians in saudi arabia

Are you in need of help and advice from your Indian compatriots? Or would you like to join other Indian expats on an excursion to discover sights and landmarks — e. Whether you have settled as an expat in Saudi Arabia or are still living in India and planning your upcoming foreign assignment, InterNations Saudi Arabia offers everything you need: Established inour trusted community soon became the leading platform for international networking among expatriates and global minds around the world.

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Dear Friend Monthly rent of the house in such area. Monthly school fee. Of course, expat living in Saudi Arabia is not just about shipping your belongings and filing in some bureaucratic papers. Regular socializing with fellow Indians is an essential part of expat life and helps getting accustomed to the Saudi Arabian way of life and mentality. InterNations helps you connect and meet up with other Indians in Saudi Arabia, residing in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dhahran and many other places throughout the country.

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Indian workers to be hit as Saudi Arabia bans foreigners from 12 occupations

If you ever wish to have a chat in your native language, discover where to shop for Indian food or discuss your favorite sports team's latest match, become a member of the Saudi Arabian InterNations Community:.

Moreover, please feel free to attend our regular expat events and activities in Saudi Arabia. You can also participate in one of our expat trips to go and see one of the largest sand deserts on Earth as well as other beautiful landmarks in Saudi Arabia.The unexpected lockdown to prevent spread of covid—19 has caused a serious damage to the lives of Indian expatriates irrespective of laborers and entrepreneurs in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Different stories of expatriates' ordeals are emerging from the region.

Abdul Razaq, hailing from Udupi in Karnataka has been running small scale business at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, based on oil refinery projects of the government. He was undergoing medical treatment for his cancer which is in fist stage. He explaines his ordeals caused by lockdown and stopping the flight facility. Now I cannot go as international flight service has been stopped. He had lost his jobs like some of his colleagues due to the lockdown.

Things changed drastically with covid attack. I do not have money either to pay rent or to cover daily family expenses. Iqbal from Mangaluru left for Saudi Arabia to help his family. He got a job in a juce centre in Dammam recently. Corona lockdown made his life difficult. He is eager to return his home country. I thought I can earn well by going to Saudi Arabia. However, here too the salary was not so good. I would like to return home country; there however we can manage to get help of friends and relatives.

Mohsin from Mysuru is a taxi driver in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

indians in saudi arabia

He was earning on commission basis. Now Saudi government banned movement of taxis in the region, which pushed him and his fellow taxi drivers into trouble. Now we cannot move outside with taxi since it may cause us to pay the fine of SR. How can I manage my expenses and family members in home? There are cases of pregnant women who have to return India for delivery. Those who brought family here on visit visa will not have insurance. Delivery charges and any kind of medical facilities without insurance in Saudi Arabia is very expensive.

Expatriate Indians with such problems are awaiting government's help. Now she is pregnant and I have to send her back to home for delivery. If lockdown continues, it is difficult to send back and we have to spend big amounts for delivery without insurance. Lockdown is haunting even entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia.

Indians In Saudi Arabia

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indians in saudi arabia

Albanian 36 members. Algerian members. American members. Andorran 6 members.Making business in Riyadh was easy. But meeting true friends is hard. I found them on InterNations, where the global minds meet. Namaste to all of our Indians in Riyadh! Are you interested in getting to know fellow Indian expats in Riyadh?

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These activities are a casual way to get to know expats from India in your local community as well as Indians in Saudi Arabia nationwide. Without the help of all the expats on InterNations it would not have been able to settle in Riyadh that fast. Thanks to the community. Log in. Connect with fellow Indians in Riyadh. Get information in our Riyadh guide. Join exciting events and activities. Exchange tips about expat life in Riyadh. Juan Garcia Making business in Riyadh was easy.

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